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The Institute of Metals and Technology (IMT) is a multidisciplinary public research institute, associated with higher education organizations. It was established in 1948 to provide support for the steel industry and became a public research institute in 1997. Its mission is to conducting high-quality research and create new knowledge in the fields of metallurgy, metallic materials, nanoscience and nanotechnology, vacuum optoelectronics, metrology, and environmental protection, as well as the transfer of knowledge to industry and the training of young researchers. IMT aims to improve the quality of life and enable sustainable development through basic and applied research, being focused on metallurgy as one of the driving forces of the modern society.

The research at IMT is organized within four scientific research departments;
  • Physics and Chemistry of Materials
  • Metallic Materials and Technology,
  • Vacuum Science
  • Materials for Electronics.

It also cooperates with similar national and international institutions and is an important player in the international scientific research sphere. Research department on Physics and Chemistry of Materials provides fundamental and applied research on the chemical reactions and physical properties of the surfaces and interfaces of metallic materials and is highly relevant for Slovenian science and industry. Research is organized within three areas: Surface structuring and functionalization, Correlation between the processes in solid alloys, phases and interfaces, and their physical-chemical properties, and Surface engineering and applications. Metallic materials and technology department on the other hand is focused on the study of the thermodynamics and kinetics of processes in the liquid and solid states, diffusion processes, phase transformations during heat treatment, mechanisms of static and dynamic recrystallization and the development of simulation models. The objective of the department is the development of new, cleaner and environmentally-friendly metallic materials and steelmaking processes, allowing the efficient use of low-quality or secondary raw materials. Finally, Vacuum science and materials for electronics department is focused on research in vacuum science and technology, the multidisciplinary field with applications in microelectronics, nanotechnologies, surface engineering, pharmaceuticals, electron microscopy, surface science and space research.
Through organization of international conferences, seminars and workshops Institute provides transfer of knowledge to society and industry, popularization of science, dissemination of scientific culture and information for general public. IMT is also the publisher of the periodic scientific IF journal Materials and Technology, which publishes original and review scientific papers as well as technical news in theoretical and applied natural sciences and technologies from the fields of metallic and inorganic materials, polymers, vacuum technology, nanomaterials and surface engineering.

We welcome you at our institute IMT!