Important Dates
AMPT Program announcement
August, 2022
ABSTRACT submission deadline
extended till June 20, 2022
ABSTRACT acceptance notification
June 30, 2022
Early Bird Fee deadline
July 31, 2022
Late Registration & Fee deadline
September 20, 2022
FULL PAPER submission
November 18, 2022




Forming processes

Bulk forming, Rolling, Stamping, Fine Blanking, Net-Shape Forming, Hydroforming, Casting and Welding, Forming in Near Melt Condition, etc.

Machining processes

Cutting, Grinding and Polishing, Abrasive Machining, EDM Machining, Non-Conventional Machining, etc.

Precision Engineering and Metrology

Surface Measurement and Characterization, In-process and On-line Measurement, Microscopy, etc.

Micro/Nano Technology

MEMS Device and System Design, Micro Forming, Nano materials, Biomimetic, Carbon Based Materials, etc.

Materials Science and Processing

Smart Materials, Biomaterials, Functional and Flexible Materials, HEA, Materials for High Temperature Applications, Metals, Ceramics, Light-Weight Materials, Polymers, etc.

Heat treatment and Surface Engineering

Heat and thermo-chemical treatments, PVD & CVD Coatings, Thermal Spray Coatings, Surface Modification, High Energy Beam Processing, Tribology, etc

Additive Manufacturing

Powder Technology, 3D metal printing, Process Control, Design,Fo Printing and Heat Treatment, etc.

Modelling and Simulation

Computer Aided Engineering, Modelling, Simulation, Sensors design, Big Data, Cloud Computing, etc.

Smart Manufacturing and Management

Industry 4.0, Quality and Reliability, Green Manufacturing, Sustainable Manufacturing, Recycling, Biocompatibility and Biodegradability, etc